Finlandia 2017 needs volunteers for variety of tasks, such as mounting and dismounting of frames (physically challenging), receiving and releasing the exhibits, surveillance of the exhibition rooms, welcoming and informing the guests, taking care of the info desk, selling tickets.  

We offer: Free entrance to the exhibition on the opening day Wednesday and lunch at Tampere Hall every day, accommodation nights in award winning Dream Hostel to those who travel outside the city of Tampere and the region of Tampere and social evening on Wed 24th May.

Now, You have a great opportunity to get experience on large, international exhibition. You are very welcomed to join!


Every volunteer must enroll in order to get the pass to Tampere Hall. If you wish to join other event, please check the registration and register under the status "other". 

You can enroll as a volunteer by e-mail: mnokelai(at) or jarkko.leppanen(at)  

Mention the following information in your enrollment for volunteer:

  • Name, hometown, phone number, e-mail, year of birth
  • Language skills
  • Tasks you wish to join
    • mounting and dismounting of frames
    • installing the exhibits to the frames
    • surveillance of the exhibition halls
    • welcoming and informing the guests
    • taking care of the info desk
    • selling tickets on Wednesday
  • Would you like to join the free social evening for volunteers on Wednesday 24th May, 7 pm?
  • Participation days:

Sun 21 (6 pm onwards) / Mon 22 / Tue 23 / Wed 24 / Thu 25 / Fri 26 / Sat 27 / Sun 28 / Mon 29 May

  • Free of charge hostel accommodation in Dream Hostel is offered for volunteers travelling outside the city and the region of Tampere. It is offered for following nights:

Sun 21 - Mon 22 May / Mon 22 - Tue 23 May / Tue 23 - Wed 24 May / Wed 24 - Thu 25 May

Thu 25 - Fri 26 May / Fri 26 - Sat 27 / Sat 27 - Sun 28 / Sun 28 - Mon 29 May

Do you need the accommodation, which nights?


Thanks for volunteering!